What are microseeps?
Microseeps are the continuous rapid vertical migration of hydrocarbons from underground reservoirs to the Earth's surface.

How does microseep surveying compare to seismic?
Two-dimensional seismic is an effective and proven tool in locating subsurface geological structures. While seismic can determine the best structural place to drill, it normally cannot predict whether or not the structure is charged with oil or gas. Seismic is a very costly method but its use can be made more cost-effective by using it in combination with geochemical surveys completed over large areas.

Sky Hunter's surveying is more cost-effective than a seismic-only program because it can be done over a greater area and, being airborne, there are no terrain limitations.  

What conditions are necessary for a successful survey?
The following conditions must be met for airborne hydrocarbon surveying:

  • Ability to fly 100 metres above ground level
  • Safe flying conditions
  • Avoid flying in rain or strong winds over 40 km/hr

The depth of the hydrocarbon reservoirs is not a factor.