The original concept was developed by a mining Engineer in Australia after he measured hydrocarbons in a surgery or operating room. The Airborne system was developed and was tested in Canada. Ken Bradley believed the system had merit and set up joint ventures to validate it effectiveness. 

Sky Hunter Technologies purchased the system over time in the early 2000’s. In order to further validate the Technology over 100,000 km of data was gathered in Canada, the USA, and Australia. Third Party evaluations of the predictability of the mapping indicated, two out of three well predication rate. 

A commercial system has been developed based on the original prototype. This system is a collaboration of the on board sensor system by MDA Systems, of Richmond, BC and the Aircraft modifications by Aries Aviation of Springbank. The commercial system was launched in the spring of 2013. Two speculative surveys have been completed in the Slave Lake and Kaybob areas of Alberta. 

A collaboration headed by PTAC (Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada) resulted in Surveys for Four (4) Oilsands Producers, Suncor, Husky, Cenovus, and Devon. The results are being shared for both Resource to Reserves Portion and the tight spacing surveys over steam chambers.